The Military College “Stefan cel Mare” is a state military school integrated in the national system of high schools. It has a military profile and is specialized in Mathematics and computer science.

         It is part of the military education under the command of the Land Force. The main task of the college is to initiate students into the military lifestyle and prepare them to pass the examination given by education institutions in which the professional military are trained.

         The high school does not discriminate on the basis of special condition, sex, race nationality and religious affiliation. The conditions are the same for all those who have passed the tests and were admitted, with the goal of being admitted to the military academies. Throughout the years the college has had a reputation for being a valuable institution of Romanian military learning.

        The leaders of the school are dynamic and professional and accomplish their duties in accordance with the requirements of modern learning, opened to new ideas and reforms. The school is led by the commander, supported by the teachers and administrative committees.


        The Military College “Stefan cel Mare” was first founded in Bucovina, in Cernauti, an old Romanian city. Its charter was a Royal Decree, No. 3889, signed by King Ferdinand on the 25th of November 1924.

        The historical events before and during World War II influenced the activity of the high school which was repeatedly moved to different towns. On the 23rd of June 1945, at the end of the school year, the high school ceased to function for 8 years.

        The high school was re-founded on the 1st of September 1953 in Campulung Moldovenesc, where it has had the longest and the most stable period of its existence.

         On the 75th anniversary of its founding, the high school was rechartered National College “Stefan cel Mare” and at the 80th anniversary, the institution was given the “Virtutea Militara” Order with special military emblems.

  Adress: str. Izvorul Malului, nr. 6, Campulung Moldovenesc, Suceava, Romania
  Zip code: 725100
  Phone: 0230-314931, 0230-314932
  Fax: 0230-313070
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